The Boot Camp Marbella formula has proven to be successful in organizing active fitness holidays since 2011, we have pushed people from all levels to their limits and above all made sure they had fun and were inspired to continue their fitness journey on return home.


However, our additional new concept – Boot Camp Marbella Extreme - is specifically and solely designed for guests who currently already have a very strong fitness level and all round sports background and would like a fun journey outside the comfort zone.


Boot Camp Marbella Extreme offers the same level of luxury, comfort and service but will just push some extra boundaries.


Boot Camp Marbella Extreme will an exhilarating mix of Cardio (Mountain biking, Road biking, Hiking, Running, Trail Running, Sea Swimming and HIIT) and Strength Training (Weight training, CrossFit, Gym Sessions, Circuit training and Obstacle Course Running).


Boot Camp Marbella Extreme have some minimum physical requirements (five out of six will do):


Giving up easily is not really my thing
I comfortably run 10km (sub 50 min ideally)
I love going to the gym or I am willing to push
I am good on a bike and can manage a min 2.5 hour ride and a decent pace
I am a decent swimmer
I have a good chunk of competitive in me, and an extensive fitness background.

If you have more questions about the requirements please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


If you are ready for a hard week of training in the sun in a beautiful environment, this is the concept for you.


Boot Camp Marbella Extreme runs twice per year. You would have to arrive on Sunday and Fly back to Sunday after.