As Boot Camp Marbella we are constantly striving to improve our formula and monitoring our guests during their stay is definitely part this, as well as a good follow up and keeping your Motivation high after Boot Camp Marbella. Hence we are now also offering the Myzone App to our guest



The Myzone app helps you to connect with others, competing with yourself by collecting Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). Achieve your goals with real life data tailored to your fitness needs. The App is similar to most fitness Apps but is a bit more interactive. The hardware required (the MZ Switch is compatible with your smart devices and sport watches you might already use).



You can order your MZ- Switch from Boot Camp Marbella with a 60€ discount from here or form the below QR code

The Myzone app offers:

Live tile

See your MEPs, heart rate and calorie burn on your in-app Myzone effort tile, wherever you choose to work out. This can be live on your phone or on a screen during the Boot Camp Marbella Classes.



Connect with other Boot Camp Marbella guests or fitness friends. Follow their progress in your feed and give each other a kudos for progress.



Instantly connect with your trainer, friends, team or message one-to-one with friends in private group chats.


Social connections

Develop your own Myzone community by connecting with friends, family, other gym members, trainers, or guests.


Challenges and Goals

Take part in global, club, team, or one-to-one challenges. Or simply set your own personal challenges to keep your motivation high.


In-app workouts

With hours of classes in your pocket, pick from heart rate zone match and cardio, to full body workouts; choose your favorite ways to get active whenever you want.



Join your friends in a live virtual class, experiencing that fun community buzz from the comfort of your home. Boot Camp Marbella is setting up a system to offer and promote online classes.


Boot Camp marbella is an official Myzone partner


See you soon in Marbella and on the Myzone App.