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It's hard to sum up Boot Camp Marbella without writing a whole essay, so here are a few words in case you don't get that far; varied, exhilarating, relaxing, rewarding and fun.

I went to the November Boot Camp on my own and instantly struck up a rapport with the rest of the group. Everyone on the trip was in the same boat and despite a wide range of ages from 27-60+ we all hit it off instantly with nearly all being there alone. Once you've sweated that much with a group it's hard not to get along and by the end it was like being on holiday with a big group of friends.

The hotel itself was perfect, really big rooms overlooking the sea with a buffet breakfast and a pool on the roof which we sat by on a couple of occasions during breaks in the afternoon exercises. The timetable of activities is really varied so everyone got to try at least one thing they had never done before. I loved the boxercise, cycling, Pilates and Mike's gym up in the mountains which was an assault course. Our group had a wide range of fitness levels and ability and no one was ever made to feel uncomfortable or pressured into doing anything, which was really great. Of course everyone encouraged people to try their best which was one of the best things about the experience.

Jan who organises the bootcamp was a logistical wizard and was always ready and waiting to get us to the next activity or meal, he's a really sociable chap and encourages or pushes you at all the right points but knows when to back down if you've had enough. The food was of course regimented but it was all fresh, healthy and tasty. Meals consisted of items like eggs on rye bread for breakfast or muesli and yoghurt (you could choose your own breakfast). For lunch we had meals like chicken Thai curry with brown rice and fruit and for dinner we might have soup to start or hummus and then fish and vegetables or a salmon salad or something similar. There was also lots of down time to chill in between exercises and have a coffee!

Highlights include reaching the top of our biking route in the middle of the mountains in Marbella at a little village called Istan and enjoying coffees and fruit platters in the sun and having our photos taken with the little old men. Another member of the group was really scared of heights but managed to get herself over one of the high obstacles at Mike's gym and we all celebrated together over a tasty buffet lunch. Finally aching muscles were stretched out with regular Pilates and Yoga which even the guys were surprised by and swear they would take up when they got home.

So, results? Well I lost 6% body fat* in a week and am feeling the best I have felt in over 2 years. I couldn't really recommend the experience anymore, mentally and physically it was a huge boost to my confidence and I've come back home feeling refreshed and uplifted, so get booking!

Charlotte, UK
November, 2015

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  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    One of the best weeks ever! I’ve wanted to do a bootcamp for years and finally plucked up the the courage! Jan is absolutely amazing and so is Danielle and the rest of the team. The location is perfect - right on the beach! There is a diverse set of activities at varied locations, beach, gym, outdoor bike ride hike and so much more. Every last detail is considered so you don’t have think ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    What a fantastic week from start to finish. Thank you to Jan for all the help and support and to the wonderful group who attended Feb 2024 with Boot Camp Marbella. Such a well organised week with a variety of fitness activities, definitely a great kick start for me.. loved the food and the location ...
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    Still buzzing after spending my birthday week at this most fabulous Boot Camp in Marbella! Most of the activities- particularly the mountain bike ride & Hyrox presented challenges way out of my comfort zone….but the sense of achievement was exhilarating! Couldn’t have completed anything without the gentle encouragement of Jan who is without doubt the best trainer/motivater/ event ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    Boot Camp Marbella is the best. The workouts and activities were challenging yet super fun, the food was incredible and so nutritious, the location is gorgeous and the trainers were really knowledgeable and encouraging – especially Jan. It was so good to go away for a week and focus on my health and my body, and I've come back with refreshed motivation and memories I'll cherish forever. I ...
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    Turned fat into muscle, while having an amazing time and enjoying new experiences. Encouraged, pushed and tested in the best way, training among a fantastic group of friendly people and near the glorious coastline. The food was delicious and plentiful. Thanks to Jan and all the Bootcamp Marbella team for a splendid week and improved ...
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    My third time here
    February, 2024
    My third time here at Bootcamp Marbella. It really is a life changing experience. Jan and his team push me and the rest of the group to reach our (individual) potential. It’s a fantastic physical and mental experience and it’s great ...
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    Five star organisation
    September, 2023
    What a brilliant week at the Marbella Bootcamp which exceeded all my expectations in the range and quality of challenges ..everything from a mountain cycle, mountain hike, an assault course , beach circuits ,yoga and stretching classes.. However it was our instructor Jan who made it so rewarding with his 5 star organisation , inspiration and motivation.. ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    This was my first time on a boot camp holiday. It turned out to be an absolutely wonderful experience. Thanks to Jan, and his team for the unwavering support and uplifting encouragement along the way. I also had an amazing group of fellow fitness guests, we shared so many laughs, and I found them a great support. Food and transport all included so it was amazing value for ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    I attended the early September 2023 Boot Camp Marbella, it was easy to book and transfers arranged from the airport with a smooth check in. The room was great with good views and hotel brilliant with perfect location. This was my first bootcamp, I really enjoyed it, the itinerary was challenging and varied with so many new experiences, it was full on but rest ...
  • Testimonial Boot Camp In Spain Carole Luck
    After reading a number of reviews, I booked onto the half fitness week in early September 2023. This was one of the best 4 days I have spent and would not hesitate to do another! For me the big factors were the great locations of the events, variety of activities, the ability for BCM to adapt the activities (whatever your level of fitness), very healthy (but equally tasty food), excellent ...

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